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Please click on "Current Grain Bids" to get current corn bids.


- To sell corn, please contact the Scalehouse at (641)-528-3447 ex. 216
- For current grain bid information, please click on the link for "Current Grain Bids" or call the Scalehouse at (641)-528-3447 ext. 216
- For contract settlement issues, please call (641) 528-3447 ext. 208.


• Fremont Farms of Iowa is in the market to buy No. 2 corn from area producers for delivery year round. We do purchase GMO corn and are interested in speaking with any GMO corn producers.
• Our corn purchases are used to produce finished feed for our pullet growing and laying hen facilities. We market liquid egg products and soil conditioner.
• Fremont Farms of Iowa offers quick unloading at our feedmill with one bay dedicated to corn dumping - there is usually no wait to unload.
• We offer a variety of contracts to meet your marketing needs, including cash grain bid contracts, basis contracts, deferred payment, and multi-month delivery contracts. We are open to discussing creative contractual arrangements that are mutually beneficial.
• Fremont Farms of Iowa has a Class 1 Grain Dealers License, Number GD-5067 issued by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and participates in the Iowa Grain Depositors and Sellers Indemnity Fund.
• At certain times of the year, we also market soil conditioner to area farmers. Please contact us for details (including a nutrient profile) if interested in purchasing soil conditioner.
• Fremont Farms of Iowa, L.L.P. was established in 1998.

For additional information, please contact us at (641) 528-3447 and our receptionist will assist you.

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